Electric Gate with warning sign | Gate Safe

Electric gates certainly add a certain degree of prestige to a property, boosting that all important kerb appeal, but aesthetic benefits aside, the most important function of an electric gate is to enhance the security of the property.

What are the things you should consider when installing an electric gate?

  1. How do you want to get and out?
  2. How do visitors gain access?
  3. Will it be only cars using the gate? Or pedestrians?
  4. Where do you want the gate installed? Does the site experience high winds? Is it on a slope?
  5. What type of gate would be best suited to my needs – swing or sliding?
  6. How can I be sure the installer will provide a quality and safety compliant installation?

A domestic electric gate should only be fitted by a suitably qualified and competent professional who has undergone the necessary training to understand what constitutes a safe gate. As standard it should feature at least two different types of safety devices to (as far as possible) eliminate the dangers associated with crushing or dragging of a person in the event of them coming into contact with the gate during its opening or closing cycle. Equally, when the gate installation is complete, the installer should issue a CE mark and provide a maintenance file which details how to place the gate into manual operation in the event of an incident – and how to isolate the power. Easy access to the manual release keys is vital. A reputable installer will also provide details of when the next routine maintenance visit is due (automated gates should undergo a routine service / maintenance check every six months).

Once the gate has been installed, it is vital that the gate user / owner is encouraged to regularly inspect the device to check for wear & tear / the safe operation of the gate. Formal maintenance by either the original installer or an alternative maintenance company should be conducted every six-months as a minimum.

If you are unsure how to achieve any of the above, it’s time to contact a Gate Safe installer, visit the Gate Safe website to find the installer closest to you, www.gate-safe.org.