telescopic sliding automated gate

By Rob Williams, Technical and Training Advisor, Gate Safe

The intrinsic design of a telescopic sliding automated gate frequently results in an unprotected area between the parallel leaves, especially when the gate is in the open position.

This poses a series risk to safety as there is the potential for a person / child to squeeze themselves between the two leaves. If the gate is then operated, the outcome would most certainly be a serious accident / possible fatality caused by dragging, drawing in and shearing.

Strategies to adopt to mitigate against this risk include installing pressure mats in the vulnerable area which are wired into the stop output of the controller. This will prevent the gate from moving whilst any person / child is detected in the area. In addition, employing a light curtain device which covers the opening of the leaves would deliver a further level of protection, ensuring the gate offers non-contact safety ie the gate would not actually touch anyone which has always been Gate Safe’s recommendation.

The above safety measures would benefit from the introduction of safety edges installed on the edge of the leaves to provide an additional layer of defence, covering any gaps that the light curtain doesn’t reach.