Why Choose a Gate Safe Installer?

Are you thinking of having an electric gate installed and maintained by a Gate Safe installer?

Electric gates are machines and need to be properly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained to avoid serious, even fatal, injuries. Only someone who is suitably trained and competent should work on the gate.

Trained Installers
Gate Safe installers have undergone specialist gate safety training to understand how to identify any potential risks via a risk assessment approach – and how to mitigate these to avoid accident or injury.

Peace of mind
Gate Safe installers are fully aware of their / and your legal responsibilities when working on a gate providing peace of mind.

Gate Safe MOT
To the untrained eye, there is no difference in the appearance of a safe or unsafe gate. The Gate Safe MOT provides a clear visual reference to indicate that a gate has been installed / maintained in line with best industry practice. Only Gate Safe installers are eligible to fit the Gate Safe MOT.

Are you looking for a gate safe installer? Or do you want to become a gate safe installer? Contact us to find out more…