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Are you thinking about installing an automated gate at your property but unsure about the overall cost?

Electric gates can enhance the security of a property and also add potential value to a home. Costs can vary greatly depending on the material, style and most importantly, which safety features are included and  the ongoing maintenance. But the question we should be asking is how much does a safe automated gate cost?

All too often the priorities when purchasing an automated gate tend to centre around the aesthetics. When you are likely to be spending a minimum of £2.5k on an electric gate, you want it to look good and add a certain allure to your home.  But when you buy a new car, are you only interested in what it looks like? Or do you consider the other factors likely to influence your final choice of vehicle, for example, the car’s safety test rankings, the car’s ability to handle difficult terrain, the car’s performance in the event of an accident? The list is endless. The reality is that a car is potentially a very dangerous possession. Shouldn’t the same logic be applied to an automated gate?

Automated gates are machines and as such, should be installed in line with the correct protocol to ensure they do not represent a safety hazard, for either the owners or anyone using the gates.  In addition to this, all automated gates should be regularly maintained – just as you would a car – to make sure that they continue to operate safely.

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