Fire | Gate Safe
  1. Lack of hinge protection on swing gates, this is a major concern and can lead to serious injury or worse. Always design this risk out or fit mechanical or electronic safety to mitigate the risk
  2. Lack of photocells/light beams on the inside as well as the outside of all gates. These low-cost non-contact safety devices almost certainly would have saved the lives of the two children who were tragically killed in two accidents in 2010, which prompted the founding of Gate Safe in the same year
  3. Single point failure which can cause catastrophic failure on either a swing gate or a sliding gate. The failure of a single component should never lead to the gate falling. Over the last 10 years, there have been numerous instances where falling gates have resulted in serious injury and death, yet sadly manufacturers of gates are still failing to modify their designs and make gates fit for purpose in the 21st century
  4. Lack of end stops, opening and closing, on sliding gates. Again, these are simple devices to fit but we still see sliding gates without suitable end of travel devices. This poses a serious risk of the gate running through its support post and falling – again with potential catastrophic results
  5. Pedestrian segregation. Another simple fix whether for a rising arm barrier or a gate. There should always be guarding in place to segregate pedestrian traffic away from the potentially dangerous machine/gate. Barriers are especially susceptible to this risk, if someone is walking through a barrier, they are oblivious to the fact that the boom is lowering
  6. Relying on force limitation of swing gates as an effective means of safety. Sadly, this is an issue that remains a major problem in the industry. Since Gate Safe’s inception, we have consistently voiced the view that the force on the leading-edge of the gate has little or no relevance to the danger of crushing as you get closer to the hinge end of the gate. Force limitation should always be supplemented with other safety to mitigate these risks
  7. Last and by no means least, lack of regular maintenance on gates and barriers can lead to a host of problems. These range from not understanding new risks stemming from site changes, to wear and tear not being detected in time to prevent an accident

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