Automatic gates - Guidance for home owners

When the pandemic started the vast majority found themselves limited to staying at home – with so much more time on their hands, UK homeowners have tuned in to the benefits of home improvements/renovations or DIY.
Being restricted to our home environment has given us all ample opportunity to reflect on our living space, establishing our individual needs and aspirations. According to the 2020 Renovation Nation Report undertaken by mortgage comparison site, British homeowners have spent an average of £4,035.70 each on home renovations since the lockdown restrictions began in March 2020.

Improving access to your driveway

Electric gates can certainly add a certain degree of prestige to a property, improving that all-important kerb appeal as well as providing added security for your children and pets. But while you are considering this sought-after home improvement, it is vital that you ensure you invest in a SAFE electric gate. While few would disagree that these installations add kudos to the home, not enough property owners are aware that unless the appropriate safety measures are in place, they can also represent a SERIOUS and sometimes FATAL risk to human life.
Electric gates are classed as machines and just like a car fitted without brakes, they are capable of endangering the lives of anyone who uses them If the correct safety protocol is not followed.

To find out more about safe electric gates download our Homeowners guide