Safety edge for electric gates

What is a safety edge?

Also known as a pressure edge

They are used to guard against possible crushing, impact, or shearing points on electric gates and barriers – they can be installed on any style of automated gate where there is a risk of crushing or entrapment.

Safety edges are designed as contact safety devices and should halt and reverse the gate/barrier operation on the relevant phase of operation.

Where should safety edges be installed?

In order to identify what safety is required on a gate a full risk assessment needs to be carried out by a Gate Safe trained installer, they will ensure a suitably sized safety edge is selected and correctly positioned, to mitigate the risk’

Check your safety edges

All edges should be checked weekly to ensure that they are working and exhibit no signs of wear and tear. If the correct edges are installed by a Gate Safe installer they do not require to be checked as in the event of a fault the mechanism will “fail safe” and the gate will not operate.

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