Gate maintenance for electric gate | Gate Safe

We often hear people talk about gate safety devices and ground loops in the same breath. However, it is important to clarify what is meant when considering safety devices.

Safety devices can be categorised as primary safety devices that protect people and secondary safety devices that protect vehicles and the gate.

Gate Safe fundamentally believes that the protection of people i.e. primary safety devices should always be the top priority when considering a gate installation.

The following points should always be considered:

  • Can the gate be designed in such a way as to eliminate any risks for example, three hinges on a swing gate, hanging on the corner of the gate post to eliminate the risk of crushing around the hinge and the post, ensuring the infill of the gate does not cause any trapping risks etc. There are many more considerations that are gate and site dependant
  • Look at non-contact safety devices, photocells, light curtains or laser scanners, Gate Safe’s view is that any contact between a person and the gate should be avoided at all costs
  • In terms of pedestrian safety, pressure edges should also be fitted to the gate to act as an additional layer of protection to the non-contact devices
  • Secondary safety devices such as ground loops can also be fitted to protect vehicles and the gate or to trigger a close signal, but be aware, these should NEVER be considered as a means of protecting people

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