CE marking will be recognised by the government for machinery indefinitely, the previous deadline for change is now obsolete (December 2024).

This means that any gate kit (safety devices, motors, operators, electrical components) used to make the gate / barrier will be able to feature a CE rather than UKCA mark. This is especially relevant given that most equipment of this genre is imported from the EU.

Previously any EU equipment manufacturer would have been required to UKCA mark every single product intended for the British market, this is unlikely to have been actioned, which would subsequently have rendered all installations as non-compliant.

  • If you are installing gates / barriers in Great Britain, these should be UKCA marked (CE will also be accepted but UKCA should be adopted for now)
  • If you are installing gates / barriers in Northern Ireland – the UKNI mark should be used or CE is also acceptable (UKCA cannot be used for goods installed / distributed to Northern Ireland from Great Britain)
  • If you are installing gates / barriers in the EU – these should be CE marked (UKCA mark cannot be used)

CE UKCA Products Manufactured in GB

For products manufactured in the EU CE / UKCA are acceptable.

For further information visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-ukca-marking#using-the-ukca-marking-in-different-markets