Electric Gate with warning sign | Gate Safe

Firstly, all automated gates MUST comply with The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 which means that the gate should be risk assessed to ensure full protection of any risks that are still present in the gate design.

The risks are:

Impact, Crushing, Dragging, Hooking, Cutting, and Shearing.

Some of the common areas where injury could occur that will need to be protected.

Swing Gates Sliding Gates
Impact and crushing when the gate open and closes, especially if it opens to a wall or fence Impact and crushing at both ends of the gate when operating
Crushing between the gate and the post or pier Drawing in and crushing between the support posts
Crushing and shearing between the gate leaf’s when the gate closes Shearing and dragging between the moving gate leaf and any fencing / walls it may pass when in operation
Crushing and dragging by the bottom of the gate Drawing into the drive unit
This will only protect the very tip of the gate and offers no protection for the greater force nearer the hinge area on a swing gate It will only protect the leading and trailing edge of the gate; it will not protect against drawing in around the support posts

Safety devices such as photocells, safety edges, laser scanners and light curtains along with mechanical protection such as finger trap guards will be required to ensure the gate operates safely.
Force limitation will not protect the entire gate so it cannot be solely relied upon to provide a safe system.

Mechanical and Construction:

All gates must be suitable for automation, it may not always be possible to automate very light weight gates. All gates MUST have adequate support posts and fixings to prevent the gate from falling and causing an accident. Failure f one component should not lead to a catastrophic failure of the gate. i.e. if a hinge should break the gate should not be able to fall.

At handover of your automated gate, you should be given:
– Full training on how to use the gate including how the safety devices operate and how to place the gate in manual operation
– Instruction manual including declaration of conformity
– UKCA mark fixed to the gate
– Warning signs fitted to both sides of the gate
– Maintenance service frequency and monthly check to be completed by gate owner

If in doubt please get in touch with Gate Safe to ensure you have all the risks covered.