Why maintenance matters | Gate Safety

Keeping up with maintenance is an important factor influencing gate and barrier safety – as it provides an opportunity to check that all the safety features are working correctly and whether any adaptations to the system have been made, which might compromise its safety.

Just as you need to monitor how a car is running in between formal services, anyone who has responsibility for an automated gate should be prepared to review the condition of the gate on a regular basis, outside of the formal biannual services. And be aware that the frequency of checks will be largely dictated by a number of critical factors including daily number of operations; footfall numbers; geographical setting, structure / featured materials and types of safety device fitted.

Remember that any person involved in the servicing and maintenance of the installation has a responsibility to leave the gate system in a safe condition. This isn’t just in relation to mitigating any impact and crushing risks associated with the automation. It also extends to the structural integrity of the gate supports and overall installation.

In order to maintain a gate or barrier, the person involved must possess the appropriate specialist knowledge/training and experience. Gate Safe covers maintenance requirements in its IOSH-approved gate safety training. Find your nearest installer who has passed the Gate Safe training using the Gate Safe interactive installer map.