Electric gate warning sign

Automated gates have become an essential part of our daily lives, providing enhanced security for premises in various settings. From residential to commercial and industrial areas, these powerful pieces of machinery are designed to control access and ensure safety.

However, their automated nature means they can pose potential risks if not used or installed correctly. The presence of an automated gate should be alerted to individuals by warning signs advising them of the need for caution.

While gate warning signs are a legal requirement, there is no specific wording you must use. The key is to fulfill the gate owner’s responsibility to inform untrained users that the gate is automatic and operates without warning. It’s not about the exact words; it’s about keeping people safe.

Remember that a written warning may not be enough where children are concerned. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your gate signage is clear and visible, making sure that everyone who approaches your property knows what to expect from your automated gate.

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