Automatic bollards | Gate Safe

Gate Safe often receives calls that are not about gates and a recent enquiry regarding automatic rising bollards made us think that perhaps we should share our views with a wider audience.

Rising bollards are often used to restrict traffic, often at specific times of the day or on particular days of the week and they offer a good solution to this problem. But, as with any automatic equipment which affects the general public, thought needs to be given to the installation and operation of such devices.

When undertaking the risk assessment prior to installing an automated rising bollard, consideration should be given to a number of factors:

  • The need to keep pedestrians away from the bollard to ensure that they cannot be activated under an unsuspecting person or possibly even a pushchair
  • Recognising that vehicles using the bollard need to be directed by traffic control lights along with signage which will clearly indicate when it is safe to go through the control
  • Installing the bollard so that it is ideally fail safe, in the lowered position
  • Providing a clear pathway to emergency services in the event that they need to gain access to the area

As per an automated gate, when the installation is complete, a thorough safety audit should be undertaken before the automated bollard goes live, to check that the system is as safe as it can be and that it meets the original objectives.

Just as with an automated gate, always ensure that the equipment is installed by a suitably qualified and competent company that has undergone the relevant training to enable the delivery of a safe and compliant bollard.